Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly Update

Hi Mom & Dad,

We've had a pleasant enough week and a pretty lazy weekend.  Dad called me yesterday in the middle of helping a friend with his ham radio tower.  He needed to pull some new coaxial cable of the middle of the tower (90ft) and it was a two man job.  I think that took just over an hour.  I got to climb to the top of the tower just for fun when we finished up the real job.  Then we headed into Longmont to grab some lunch at a local pub (my friend is British - he had a pot pie).  It was harder climbing to the top than I thought.  I was a little worn out after the activity and food - so I came home and napped.

Megan babysat last night from 6-9pm and made $32.  She is really saving hard for a new Mac laptop.  With cheer and school she doesn't get the opportunity to babysit that much.  So, it was good timing last night.

Theresa and I just stayed home and cozied in.  We watch the second episode of a new series that we've been enjoying - Nashville w/Connie Britton.  We really like her as an actress.  She was in one of my favorite series - Friday Night Lights.

Theresa had to work today at church.  It was just Megan and I in the 9am service.  Tom is preaching through Philippians - it's good.  Today was Philippians 2:14,15 - be lights to the world.  They are also pushing our new 'Next Steps' building fund a little.  $4.2m to build a new church facility in Erie, CO.  They are meeting in the Erie High School right now.  Hopefully then can break ground early next spring.  Pastor Tom also mentioned the election a little and prayed for the country.

It was a beautiful day today.  I walked Dots straight away after church and Megan got to some homework and test prep.  Theresa came home around 12N and we hot dogs for lunch.  I got out for a really nice bike ride this afternoon.  Megan and Theresa put up halloween decorations.  Then Megan and I made a quick trip to the music store for new picks for both of our guitars.  We looked around at everything - Megan thinks she would like to learn how to play the banjo too.

Chloe is doing well.  We talked to her on Thursday this week because they had a fun house activity Wednesday night during our regularly scheduled call.  They also did a couple service activities this week at a local clothing closet.  She shared with us that she had been elected to the Student Leadership Council.  That's pretty good.  We do have a few concerns with her counselor.  Theresa and I haven't connected with her very well over the last few weeks.  And Chloe is concerned that they aren't working through more issues quickly.  Theresa and I are scheduling time to go to Independence Nov. 2-4 to do what they call a 'neutral site' visit (basically Chloe will spend one night with us in KC) in preparation for a home visit over thanksgiving.

 Quiet sports week for me.  Both MU Tigers and Denver Broncos have a bye week.  I don't care much about baseball.  Colorado and Kansas got killed.  Arizona finally got back in the win column. 

Glad to hear your GI stuff is clearing up a little.  Hopeful it isn't Crohn's disease.  You'd better get that checked out.  All those medical and dental bills can add up.

That's about all I know.

Luv u,


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekly Email

Hi Mom,

Trying to get back into the swing of things.  It's been a weird week.  I worked from home on Thursday and Friday because I think I had a mild flu bug.  Megan was off school on Friday for a teacher in-service day.  She had cheer practice in the morning.  I had to work Friday night from 8pm to 10pm for a maintenance call.  And then I had to work on Saturday from 12N to 8PM for an annual disaster recovery test.  I followed the Alabama vs. Missouri game online.  Not much of a contest (42-10) - boo.  I think I'm ready for basketball season!

Today was church day and chores.  We did a few errands right after church.  To Barnes and Noble for a copy of Pride and Prejudice (and the Cliff Notes to go along with it).  Then to Batteries Plus for a watch Battery.  Car wash after that.  And then a big shop at Safeway.  When we got home I mowed the grass and blew out the sprinkler system.  Theresa pulled up all the vegetable beds.  We've had frost so they were all dead.

We spoke with Chloe last Wednesday for our normal call.  She was doing well.  They found the two girls who ran away on parents weekend.  I think they were in Omaha, NE where one of the girls was from.  I don't think they will be going back to school.  We are making plans to back to Missouri for a neutral site visit Nov. 2nd ahead of a home visit for Thanksgiving.  That's a slight change of plans - we will be here in Boulder for Thanksgiving.

I got your birthday card and money. THANK YOU!  every year it pays to get a year older :-)  The pics from Yosemite were cool.  That Half Dome hike is incredible.  Good job for making it as far as you did.  It reminded me of The Incline - only way longer and way harder!

Well - just getting back in the hang of things so I'll keep it short and sweet.

Luv u,


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Update

Hi Mom & Dad,

You are at West Point for a few more days so I'm not sure if you'll get this right away.

It's the last week of school for the girls!  Wahoo.  I think they are both done on Thursday.  Megan has an awards ceremony on Wednesday night and then graduation on Thursday morning.

Once again we've had a strange mix of weather - cold and rainy one day, warm and sunny the next.  Boulder High graduation was yesterday.  Chloe went over to watch Corbin graduate.  For the most part they made through with only drizzle but i guess the last few graduates really got poured on.  From there it's been a weekend of parties.  We just got back from next door for Sarah Sandhu's party.

We went to Megan's 8th grade youth group graduation last night at the church.  It was really special.  They called each student up and the youth leader and their mentors said a few words and then the parents read a letter (I've attached Megan's letter).  Everybody has an amazing story.  We were there from 6pm (starting with a catered dinner from Noodles & Company) and it went to 10pm.

Church this morning - I played on the worship team.  That's always fun - I really enjoy it.  But sometimes I wonder if I'm getting too old for it :-(

I've been on call for the past week.  For the most part it has been quiet.  I did have to work Friday night from 8pm-12am for our regular maintenance window.  While I was working the girls all went to the mall and did some clothes shopping for graduation and party dresses.

This is the last week of BSF as well.  So, I guess summer is really here.

Tonight is big solar eclipse.  We have one set of glasses and we are just going to hang out at the house to check it out.

Safe travels home!

luv u,


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Email

HI Mom,

Happy Mother's Day! to the best mom in the whole world :-)

We are just finishing up church and Theresa is selling some fundraising cards in between services. Then we are going to IHOP for brunch and open some presents (Downton Abbey DVDs and a Magic Drinking Bird). 

We did a few errands yesterday and went to a couple of plant sales to fill our planter boxes. We've had lots of rain since last Friday. It's actually been kinda nice - cozy in & get the flowers watered. There was a little break in the weather yesterday where I got the grass mowed. The sun is starting to come out today. I put some more fertilizer on the yard and hung a wasp trap (we have soooo many buzzing around.  I also put the dividers in the planter and Theresa planted all the things we bought yesterday.

We've also watched several Netflix movies over last week. "The Great Gatsby" and "Into The Wild" were two books Chloe had to read for lit so we followed them up with the movies. Robert Redford almost 40 years ago - wow. And then "Into The Wild" is a little slow and hard to watch at the end.  We also watched "You Can Count on Me" with Mark Ruffalo, Laura Linney and Matthew Broderick - not very good.

Megan is healing up and getting back to practice. She was observing the week before and then started back practicing some this week. We got the emergency room bill yesterday - $1,995!  I don't think we owe much after insurance but that is amazing that it cost so much. No wonder our health care system is a mess. Unfortunately she missed a couple days of school in the middle of the week with a little stomach bug. 

Theresa was up at Estes Park for the staff retreat Tuesday over night and all day Wednesday. They had a good time.  The girls and I went to Noodles and Company for dinner and then took a quick drive up Flagstaff mountain.

I booked air tickets and a hotel for Kansas City for June 8-9th to head back for Ken and Mona's 50th. It will be quick but fun. 

I think there are only two more weeks of BSF left.  One more lesson tomorrow night and then the final pie social and sharing night next week.  We've covered a lot of ground - Acts, Hebrews, 1&2 Thessalonians, 1&2 Corinthians, Ephesians, James, 1&2 Peter and Jude.  It always good when the summer break comes around but BSF sure does make me study.  I'm also reading John Eldridge's new book "Beautiful Outlaw".  It's really good so far.  A pretty easy read.

My ribs are on the mend too.  Funny thing is my back really hurts now more so than my ribs - just from sleeping funny and carry my arm a little jigawarkardy.

The girls really appreciate the individual notes in the last letter you sent.  Thank you for that.  It meant a lot to them.

Have fun at West Point.  That sounds like it will be a great trip.  (I think you get Joe Biden for the commencement speaker - more fun than a barrel full of monkeys ;-\ )  The new camera sounds fun.  Take some good West Point pictures!

Well that's about it.  Back Sunday afternoon chores, homework and getting ready for the work week.  Only two more weeks of school!  Whew - I can't believe it.

Okay - I love you.  Happy Mother's day again.  I love you very much and am so grateful God blessed me with you for a mom :-)



Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Email

Hi Mom & Dad,

A busy week as usual.  But then nothing really out of the ordinary either.  BSF, music practice, cheer leading, school, etc.

It's much cooler today.  After a couple days of record breaking heat - 88-90F.  It's been really breezy this spring too.  Seems like the wind is always blowing.

Fun to hear about your Grand Canyon trip.  Glad it all went well.  That's quite an accomplishment.  I'm not sure I could stay in a tent at my age :-)

Friday was fun for the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast.  I took the day off from work and spent from 8-4:30 over at church.  Lots of great speakers and a nice time to refresh and renew.

I made a pretty good effort at the yard yesterday.  Mowed the grass, edged, pulled weeds, raked the beds, etc.... it looks good.  But boy is that hard work.  I think I overdid it a bit on my ribs.  We had a filet on the grill last night and ate out on the patio.  We also watched War Horse last night.  It was pretty good.  Slow at times and all the WWI fighting scenes were too loud!  But all in all - a boy and his horse - can't go to wrong.

Theresa is off to the grocery store, Megan is having lunch with Clara and Chloe is hanging upstairs.

luv u,


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Email

Hi Mom (and Dad),

72 years young :-)   You are at the bottom of the Grand Canyon enjoying a steak dinner.  Have a good hike out and this email will be waiting for you.

We've had a quite a weekend.

Chloe off to prom last night with Corbin.  They went to dinner at Trattoria on Pearl St., then to the dance at the Boulder Theater and finished off at East Boulder Rec Center for the after prom.  She looked beautiful.

Equally exciting was Megan's trip to the emergency room this morning.  We were riding our bikes on the way to church and being silly.... when our handle bars got got and both of us did endos over the bars.  Needless to say we didn't make it to church, a quick x-ray later and a sling to take care of her AC separation.  Cheerleading will be challenging for the next few weeks but she should heal quickly and be back in business.

I have a couple of bruised ribs and some cuts and scrapes.

We are all home resting comfortably now :-)

luv u,


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Email

Hi Mom and Dad,

Another busy week under our belts.

The big event of the week was Theresa's big charity gala for Glory Community at the Arvada Center.  She was introducing Susan St. James and Dick Ebersol - as the church lady.  She was great.  It was a quick 3 minutes but a lot of fun.  Mark Randall (former KU grad and Denver Nuggets ambassador) was the emcee.  There was a cash bar, silent auction, fancy dinner, inspirational talk by Susan and fun olympic stories from Dick.  Dick's favorite olympic moment was Muhammed Ali lighting the torch in Atlanta.  We had a quick chat with Susan at the end of the evening.  They were heading with their good friend Mo Siegel (founder of Celestial Seasonings - Susan was an original investor in the company).  I mentioned Larry Potter's condo and business dealings in Telluride.  She remembered Larry well and said to let him know she was still alive and kicking!

We've had great weather this week.  Today was gorgeous.  I went for a 2 hour/40 mile bike ride today.

Megan had a lot of fund raising to do for cheer squad.  She sold 35 coupon cards for $20 each ($700 total) last week.  She got new cheer shoes today. That's just the beginning to the uniform.  Sometime soon they get fitted for their uniforms.  I don't even know how much that will cost :-)

Chloe has been taking ACT practice tests.  I think she is taking the actual test on Tuesday.  She wrote down UofA and KU for colleges she might be interested in.  Prom is next week.  Still sorting out the details for that.

I signed up for a leadership conference that will be simulcast from Atlanta to our church on May 4th.  It's the Chik fil A leadercast.  With folks like Tim Tebow, Soledad O'Brian, Patrick Lencioni, Marcus Buckingham, John Maxwell, Urban Meyer, etc.  I'm looking forward to it.

We are still making plans for Ken & Mona's 50th.  I think we are trying to find flights out Thursday night and return Sunday night.  We might find a hotel to stay at just so we are all crowded into their house.  Kevin and Charlie should be there too.

Well - that's all I know.

luv u,